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Active Project – Future Openings
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Active Project – Future Openings

Project Summary

CowaterSogema and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) are currently looking to recruit a Pool of Experts for our Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade and Development (EDM) project. Consultants should have a background in trade and development to be considered as potential Technical Experts. 

Funded by Global Affairs Canada, EDM provides technical assistance to Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible countries to maximize the development impacts of trade and investment. Over seven years (2018-2025), EDM will invest CAD $16.5 million to support Canada’s developing country trading partners to negotiate, implement and benefit from and adapt to trade and investment agreements with Canada.

The EDM project aims to achieve three main outcomes:

  1. Enhancing capacity of partner developing countries to negotiate and finalize inclusive trade and investment agreements that consider the perspectives of the poorest and most vulnerable, especially women and girls, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), Indigenous Peoples and youth.
  2. Enhancing capacity of partner country governments to formulate and implement pro-poor, gender-sensitive legislation, regulations and policies that support inclusive trade and investment agreements with Canada.
  3. Increasing awareness of partner country governments on how populations, especially women and girls and other underrepresented groups such as SMEs, Indigenous Peoples and youth, can adapt to and benefit from expanded trade and investment with Canada; and the increased ability of non-government actors to take advantage of trade and investment opportunities arising from trade and investment agreements with Canada.

EDM is a demand-driven project that will benefit potential partners – including governments, local private sector groups and local civil society organizations – through capacity building and technical advisory support on policy reform issues that have a high potential to reduce poverty and gender inequalities, and support progress in trade and investment agreement negotiations.

EDM will contract qualified Consultants to provide short-term assignments (home- and/or field-based) in support of EDM activities.

Summary of Positions

Consultants will provide technical assistance such as sector studies, preparation of baseline studies, specialized trainings and workshops, and organize technical visits and other exchange activities. We are currently looking for individuals with professional experience and knowledge in the following areas.

  1. Trade Policy: Knowledge/experience in the negotiation and/or implementation of specific obligations (please specify) in international trade and investment agreements. This category includes "trade-related" domestic policy issues (e.g. the administration of intellectual property rights, etc.).
  2. Export Development: Knowledge/experience in the design and delivery of trade and investment support programs, particularly those for MSMEs.
  3. Trade Economics: Knowledge/experience in designing and conducting economic analysis of trade policy issues, including modelling the impacts of trade and investment agreements.
  4. Trade and Gender: Knowledge/experience in assessing the impacts of trade and investment agreements on women; and/or in the negotiation, design or implementation of strategies, policies and programs to mitigate negative impacts and ensure benefits of trade extend to women.
  5. Trade, Social Inclusion and Pro-poor Development: Knowledge/experience in: assessing the impacts of trade and investment agreements on the poor, Indigenous populations, and other underrepresented groups; and/or in the negotiation, design or implementation of strategies, policies and programs to mitigate the negative impacts and ensure the benefits of trade extend to these groups.
  6. Trade and Sustainable Development: Knowledge/experience in assessing the impacts of trade and investment agreements on the protection of the environment and advancement of sustainable development goals.

Call Down Process:

Applicants to the standing offer pool will be evaluated according to standardized criteria. Selected consultants will be offered a standing offer contract for potential deployment on short-term assignments (home- and/or field-based).  Standing offer contracts facilitate the EDM team to rapidly deploy Technical Experts for EDM assignments.

Detailed Terms of Reference for the EDM deployments will be provided to shortlisted candidates from within the Pool of Experts as well as other sources. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to submit a brief proposal demonstrating their availability and experience specific to the Terms of Reference. Call down assignment proposals will be evaluated based on standardized criteria and the selected Technical Expert will be contracted and deployed accordingly. Contract terms are in accordance with Global Affairs Canada policies.


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